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What is this Song?

What is this song?
Melody just out of reach.
Can’t quite hear it.
Certainly can’t see it.

Barely feel it moving,
Pushing my body.
Subtlety weaving me:
As if my heart were singing.

Without words, a melody of Light,
A song of compassion.

A seamless tapestry
Flows from the song.
Some threads merge into pure emptiness,
Some glimmer with a resplendent texture of the relative state.

Some threads absorb such suffering
They nearly break.

Then the heart sings stronger,
Heart seeks the thread to emptiness,
Heart travels the thread to emptiness,
On the Light strand of compassion.

As awareness weaves emptiness,
As clarity weaves emptiness,
As bliss moves the shuttle,
Golden threads of compassion’s song.

— Joyce Whiteley Hawkes

A Shepherd Lad with Smile So Bright

I learned this song in 4th grade and it has stayed with me all these years – yes, I’m old. I have never been able to find it in a book or anthology of songs, and suspect that it was written by my first music teacher, Marian Hiner. Marian was a gem of a human being, she lived to almost 104 years old, and after retiring from teaching she played the piano for people in the old folks home most of whom were younger than she. She was blind at the time, but could still play every song in the book.

For me this song connects with the Christian tradition in a subtle and beautiful way. Who would not love this shepherd?

Shepherd Lad

Oh, tell me have you ever seen him? A shepherd lad with smile so bright, that people love him at first sight and day by day still hold him dearer. That is my love, surely ’tis he. I have his heart, my faith has he.

And if when any poor man venture to beg a lamb from out the flock, the shepherd does not spurn nor mock, but gives both lamb and ewe together. That is my love surely ’tis he. I have his heart, my faith has he.

May we sing as if our hearts depend on it. Perhaps they do.