Monthly Archives: September 2020

What is this Song?

What is this song?
Melody just out of reach.
Can’t quite hear it.
Certainly can’t see it.

Barely feel it moving,
Pushing my body.
Subtlety weaving me:
As if my heart were singing.

Without words, a melody of Light,
A song of compassion.

A seamless tapestry
Flows from the song.
Some threads merge into pure emptiness,
Some glimmer with a resplendent texture of the relative state.

Some threads absorb such suffering
They nearly break.

Then the heart sings stronger,
Heart seeks the thread to emptiness,
Heart travels the thread to emptiness,
On the Light strand of compassion.

As awareness weaves emptiness,
As clarity weaves emptiness,
As bliss moves the shuttle,
Golden threads of compassion’s song.

— Joyce Whiteley Hawkes