Appointments and Payments

Step 1 – Book An Appointment
!! Do Not Skip This Step !!
To book an appointment with JoyceHelen, or Annalisa use this link:
Cell-Level Healing Scheduler
You will be able to choose a session with one of us, then you will see available dates and times. Next you will enter your contact information.

Please Note – At present Joyce’s available appointments are out 1 year or so. We are not able to provide a cancellation list, so please check back frequently for openings in Joyce’s schedule or book Joyce when you can and start your work with Helen, or Annalisa.

Step 2 – Make Payment (Do Step 1 first!)
Please do not pay for an appointment before it is booked. Do plan to pay on the day of your appointment. Use one of the buttons below to pay your provider via PayPal.
Even if you do not have a PayPal account it’s easy to use PayPal to process a credit card payment. It’s one of the safest ways to pay online.

A one hour appointment with Joyce Hawkes is $185.

A 1 hour appointment with Helen Folsom is $100.


A 1 hour appointment with Annalisa Jacobson is $125.