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With Sadness and Regret

On Wednesday August 9, 2023 Joyce Hawkes Phd passed into the realm of the Divine while walking her beloved dog Rama near her home. We honor her many years of dedicated service to humanity, her compassionate grace-filled way, her laughter, and her determination to make a difference in the lives of her family, friends, and clients.

At this time Helen and Annalisa are taking a pause from the work to mourn the loss of Joyce from their lives. Please know that we will resume work soon.

Every blessing!

Problems? More Than One Way

No problem can stand the assault of sustained thinking.
— Voltaire

What do you think of that approach? In your life have you solved all problems by sheer sustained thinking? Me either. And I suspect that, perhaps later in life, Voltaire ran into a few problems that did not yield to thinking of any kind.

In the realm of energetic healing our experience is that every single person we meet, though physically made up of the same atoms, molecules, and tissues, and almost identical DNA, is in fact utterly unique. And one size never fits all.

We respect the tools that science and modern medicine utilize to rule out and diagnose diseases and maladies. Diagnosing is not our purview. Finding ways to bring healing to a particularly unique individual is what we are moved to pursue.

There is nothing wrong with sustained thinking. It is just not the whole ballgame for us. Here is another approach.
My master teacher once said, “The guru does not solve problems. The guru dissolves the state in which problems exist.”

I’ve been chewing on that one ever since having a direct experience of a problem dissolving as my state changed. Now that happens almost daily. And has for about 34 years.

How is that possible? I have replaced assaulting problems with entering an altered state through meditation, or sometimes dance, or singing. It is almost the opposite of thinking. One could call it ‘allowing’, or ‘letting go’, or ‘stilling the mind’. This is not New Age stuff, it is an ancient science and technology of the mind that has been handed down for ages.

Learning to trust the inner spaciousness as a remedy for even modern problems has helped me become a better person, a more reliable friend, and a stronger support for others.

— Helen

For one of the best books on meditation look for
Meditation for the Love of It
by Sally Kempton.

Sally says, “The meditation that will work is the meditation that you will do.”

So don’t over think it, just do it.

Healing Circle – Online

Sitting with others to create an atmosphere of healing, support, and encouragement that leads to wholeness on many levels is our goal with this new event. We invite you to enter into a place set apart for healing just as our ancestors did long ago. In those days we danced together in a circle, sat around a central fire,  shared our stories in a circle. We may very well have lived our lives in round structures. Circles were sacred places, community places, centers of family life and social life.

Our Healing Circle is designed to allow people to easily connect with the power inherent in the human form and in human interactions. Together we will create a place where we can bathe in a gentle, relaxed, supportive energy to promote well-being. And we’ll help you learn how that energy can be transmitted to others.

This monthly circle will be as unique as the people who attend. We hope you will join us.
— Joyce Hawkes and Helen Folsom

Next Circle -July 29 Noon Pacific Time via Zoom

Register Below: Full – Please Check Back for the August Healing Circle

Walk with a Friend

This is the friend I most often walk with. (Yes, I know that should read “with whom I most often walk”) My hair is a lot longer now. His is about the same. Today I noticed something about myself and the walking routine. When I’m with him I focus on where he’s headed, how hard he’s pulling, and if I’m about to be pulled over on my face. (It’s a good test of bone density, but I don’t like to take it too often.)

After our walk today I decided to go out again on my own to pick a handful of blackberries I had spotted the day before. I didn’t want him along, as berry vines have a way of having their way with anyone who ventures in. But before I even got to the patch, while climbing the hill (well not really a hill, just an incline at most) my focus was all on me. Oh my knee, oh my hip, oh my back.

Without my pal I was all about me. Woe.

Later a friend called and wanted a bit of healing energy sent her way. The call to action opened a inner door for me that said, “Yes! I can do that, I’m so glad you asked.” We laughed about how Looney Tunes the world seems right now. And it was good to laugh. The connection itself was healing for me, and lifted us both up.

We need these connections. Even long distance, even socially distanced we can offer a smile as we pass each other on the path, a word, a song, a little offering of ourselves to another. We’ve learned that even with a mask it’s possible to ‘read’ a smile in the eyes of that person coming along the way. And those eyes, how beautiful they are. My knee feels better.

— Helen


The Call to Heal – Beginning Cell-Level Healing

Beginning Cell-Level Healing

11/30/2020 – Class is full. Thank you. Please check in 2021 for more offerings. Blessings and Peace

December 8 – 11, 2020  Online

This course will create a foundation for you to discover your own unique healing gift. We approach healing with the understanding that each person has an inborn ability to use energy to heal themselves and others. The extent of the healing effect varies with every student and with every client – as we are all utterly unique, though made up of exactly the same ‘stuff’.

Join us to learn the ins and outs of Cell-Level Healing from the perspective of its founder, Joyce Hawkes, PhD. You will learn the 9 guiding Keys to Cell-Level Healing, how to give and receive healing energy, why it’s called Cell-Level, the flow of a healing session, as well as time-honored practices that will assist you to develop your natural gift for healing and wholeness.  (This course will fulfill the prerequisite for our 2021 Advanced Training Retreat.)

We’ll be using Zoom (and if you have not used it, relax. It’s easy.) Limited to 20 participants. These courses usually fill quickly. Cost: $300 US. To register: Class now Full.

Course Schedule (Pacific Standard Time)

  •   7:00  –  7:30 am Meditation
  •   7:30  –  8:00 am Pause
  •   8:00 – 10:00 am Teaching & Practice
  • 10:00 – 11:00 am Pause
  • 11:00 – 12:00 pm Teaching & Practice


In the Woods

There are times when being barefoot on the earth is my best choice. The need for a retreat from everyday duties and responsibilities calls and fortunately the woods are close by. The place is lush with Stair Step Moss, the river far below fills the air with the rush of its flowing. Tall trees stand watch, Cedars, Firs, Alder, Maples along with delicate Huckleberry bushes and Red Elder.

My mind slows down. Here I write a bit, sing a little – sometimes songs with new melodies appear in the inner concert hall, and I scramble to get them down on paper. Am I fearful they will never come to me again? “Go slow,” I tell myself, “Just be. Let the energy of time and place take hold.”

This time away is re-connection, allowing, and trust. It is drifting, and also the clearing away of old worn-out stories – working with the mind while allowing the body to deeply rest. Let’s just call it Forest Napping; My Let it Be practice for an hour or so.

When I can’t get away to the forest I visit that place in my inner vision – see the trees swaying overhead, smell the musky scent of mushroom and loam, touch the rough stone, taste the berries, and hear the heart of silence that beats there. This mental worship bridges the gaps and renews me for the next task that wants to be done.

In the wild there is a pulse that quickens the heart, and a depth that allows the inner voice to be fully heard. The mind rests, the body is at ease.

— Helen


What is this Song?

What is this song?
Melody just out of reach.
Can’t quite hear it.
Certainly can’t see it.

Barely feel it moving,
Pushing my body.
Subtlety weaving me:
As if my heart were singing.

Without words, a melody of Light,
A song of compassion.

A seamless tapestry
Flows from the song.
Some threads merge into pure emptiness,
Some glimmer with a resplendent texture of the relative state.

Some threads absorb such suffering
They nearly break.

Then the heart sings stronger,
Heart seeks the thread to emptiness,
Heart travels the thread to emptiness,
On the Light strand of compassion.

As awareness weaves emptiness,
As clarity weaves emptiness,
As bliss moves the shuttle,
Golden threads of compassion’s song.

— Joyce Whiteley Hawkes

Women’s Water Song

I learned this song from a most beautiful posting on YouTube which included an invitation to sing this Algonquin Women’s Water Song to and with the waters of the earth. Look here to find it: Sing the Water Song

I was captivated and inspired not only to sing it at the local river here where we live, but also to record it with a personal prayer. I have done so with respect to the originators and to my own First Nations teacher, SiSwinKlae Laurel Boucher of the Coast Salish peoples. In the later tradition we call in all directions that our prayer be heard.

My teacher has added that the Coast Salish peoples call in the directions starting in the East and turning counter-clockwise. Therefore we offer this prayer anew asking for rain to cool the earth and put out the fires. Ah Ho!  — updated 9/15/2020