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Learn Cell-Level Healing

Join Joyce Hawkes, Ph.D. for the
Foundations in Healing Series

1. Foundations of the Cellular Universe
2. The Biology of Intuition & Survival Guide for Sensitive People
3. Subtle Energy: A Chakra of a Different Color
4. Applications in Cell-Level Healing

See the cellular universe via colorful and instructive slide images, hear Joyce’s priceless personal experiences as a facilitator of healing, and note how she balances that with the considerable depth of her scientific background. These sessions include lecture, images, and guided meditations which will deepen your understanding and practice of the art of healing for your own benefit and for others.

This basic series is open to all, with no prerequisites. You may take one or more sessions, or the entire series. All sessions are recorded and available to registered students via our video channel, so you may access the material at any time. Each class is 1 1/2 hours in length.
Foundations in Healing Seminar Series
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