Mosswood Waitlist

The Mosswood Retreat is full, but we do sometimes have cancellations. If you wish to be waitlisted please fill out our contact form with your name and phone number and a message that includes the word ‘Mosswood’. Click here for the contact from.

Cell-Level Healing Retreat – The Bond Effect                                July 31 – Aug 4, 2017

Join Joyce Hawkes and Helen Folsom for a joyful reunion and a continuing exploration of your natural ability to heal and be healed. During our time at Mosswood Hollow we become a bonded community of healers. This, we feel, is due to the uniqueness of the setting, and the resonance of those who choose to be here.

Prerequisite: To attend you must have studied with us previously somewhere in the world or online.   

As we sit together, eat together, listen to one another, sing, and even as we stay up late laughing, we follow in the footsteps of those who have chosen the path of healing and service to humanity. Learn to go more deeply within, to journey for understanding, and to practice the healing arts with great compassion and love. Immerse yourself in the latest methods and practices that we have uncovered in our travels. Share your own experiences of healing.

Room and Board Expense: Variable                                                               Room and board are paid separately to our Mosswood Hollow hosts at the conclusion of the retreat.  Please contact them using the link below to reserve a room, and indicate your food preferences. ***We regret that the facility has limited ability to accommodate people with mobility restrictions.